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About Shake It

What is Shake It?
Easy to follow, scientifically advanced
The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program (Shake It) is an easy to follow, scientifically advanced, weight loss program that has been proven to be both safe and effective.
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Why Shake It?
Are You Overweight?
Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “How did I end up here?”, or seeing your reflection and not recognising yourself?
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How Does Shake It Work?
The Key Principles of the Shake It Program
The Shake It Program combines scientifically researched elements into a strategy to help you lose weight, and most importantly maintain your weight loss for the long-term.
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Practitioner Support
How Can Your Practitioner Help You?
How Can Your Practitioner Help You? Sometimes weight loss is not as fast as we would like, or plateaus after a period of time. Different people face different obstacles when losing weight.
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