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Practitioner Support How Can Your Practitioner Help You?

Practitioner Support

How Can Your Practitioner Help You?

Sometimes weight loss is not as fast as we would like, or plateaus after a period of time. Different people face different obstacles when losing weight.

Your qualified healthcare Practitioner is the best person to support you through your weight loss journey. They can complete an individual analysis of your body composition, help you set realistic health goals, check in with you regularly to monitor your progress and share tips and strategies on how to make the behavioural changes you need to enjoy lifelong success.

How Often Should I Attend Appointments With my Practitioner?

Attending regular consultations with a healthcare Practitioner has been shown to be associated with greater weight losses. Regular Practitioner contact offers support and accountability, allows them to track your progress, and also tailor your journey to address any additional factors (e.g. health conditions, lifestyle elements, behaviours) that may be impacting your body’s capacity to lose weight. Your Practitioner will initially book in weekly or fortnightly appointments with you, and as you move through the 3 phases of the Shake It Program these may move to fortnightly or monthly appointments. This appointment system is a key part to a successful weight management program, and will support you in reaching your health goals.

When To See Your Healthcare Practitioner

  • Regularly for motivation and support.
  • If you feel unmotivated, frustrated or experience anything unusual.
  • If your Ketostix® are not showing ketones (an indicator of fat burning).
  • If you are not sticking to the program.
  • If you are thinking about stopping the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program.

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